Roddy interview

Roddy Bottum has done yet another interesting review – this time with local paper the San Francisco Chronicle. The article is behind a paywall (although you may be able to access it free on your smartphone) so we’ll limit our highlights to just this:
“Longevity and timelessness are universal qualities that we wanted to address. We’re not going to do something that’s disposable and will withstand the ever-changing eras.”

“It’s very thematic to me in a way that other records were not. I think we have a history of doing variety and a mixed bag. This record to me is way more specific.”

Vancouver poster

As we posted in the round-up, artists Mick Gray and Sinclair Klugarsh have created a wonderful poster for the Vancouver show and we can look forward to yet more great Faith No More tour posters in 2015.  According to Inside the Rock Poster Frame the poster was “signed by the band and only around 100 were for sale.

On Thursday 16 April at 9am PDT time Secret Serpents will have the  regular edition signed and numbered by the artists (115) and a pink variant (20) posters measuring 18 x 24 inches on sale.

Tour merch

Here’s a peak at what was on sale last night courtesy of  Ryan on Twitter

Faith No More comic

We’ll give this the full post it deserves in due course but here’s a shout out that Matt Jacob’s Faith No More/Mr Bungle is now available for pre-order.

Get it here for the ridiculous sum of just $4.99.

Mouth of the Ocean returns

Let the dead live. Make the dead live! The former forum for all things faith No More and Patton Mouth of the Ocean lives again! There’s a good discussion of the forthcoming album there now.

Sol Invictus reviews

Now that more people have heard the forthcoming new album, some early reviews have begun to spring up online. The Russian version of Rolling Stone even gave it a 5/5. Here are some Google Translated excerpts:
” It is more smooth and homogeneous  than previous albums from the Californian band.”
“This album sounds at the same time comfortable and threatening.”
“Cone Of Shame” begins with poisonous guitar but the track itself is wrapped almost in gothic Americana with a mysterious hypnotist stage whisper from Patton.”
“Brilliant musicians again managed on a short leash.”
Wish I had a proper translation of that because it sounds like an interesting review.

The Five10 also give a glowing review: “Yes it’s very good. Very good. No, it doesn’t sound like “old Faith No More” or anything like that. It’s definitely it’s own body of work that stands out in their lineup of releases. Many of the tracks have a lower-key, haunting feel with singer Mike Patton choosing a bassy growl over soaring melodies.”
And they conclude: “Sol Invictus is like a classy, creepy cowboy dinner party in a haunted mansion. Interesting, tense and uncomfortable in between bursts of violent ghost attacks. Despite the time off, Faith No More has returned after 18 years with a sound more inventive and insane than ever. And I think that’s the statement we were all hoping to hear. Rating: 9/10.”

Guardian praise for Superhero and Sol Invictus

The Guardian has stepped up its metal and rock reviewing in recent years with Dom Lawson, Editor-At-Large at Metal Hammer, added to their reviews team. And he has given Superhero and Sol Invictus rave reviews in the Playlist feature published yesterday:
“Sol Invictus is an absolute rip snorter. Superhero, one of the record’s more immediate and accessible tunes, confirms that age has not diminished FNM’s power to startle and delight.”

Flattbush and Faith No More

Flattbush have prepared two cool posters to promote their support slot with Faith No More on 24 April at the Wiltern.