The guys at Inside the Rock Poster Frame have have just posted an update on the brilliant poster from John Howard for Faith No More’s show in Seattle last night.

The poster is real 3D and even comes with its own 3D glasses.  Here’s a quiote from the designer: “They asked me to make a 3D poster, so I picked up on the dog imagery that’s been associated with them. In this picture the dog has broken free and abandoned the city (corporations…) gone feral, and is ripping through the forest – alert, focused, and unconcerned with any other realm. To survive, don’t catch his eye.”

About 100 of these were on sale at the show and signed by the band. Artist Edition signed and numbered copies of the poster will be on sale 18 April at approximately 9:00 AM PDT at and artists signed posters will only be available from Secret Serpents.

And the Vancouver poster is current on sale over at Secret Serpents in two editions.

(via fnm4ever)