Mike Bordin has given the latest band interview – this time to OC Weekly.

He offers some night insight into the album creative process and uses some more Superhero imagery to boot:
“That’s where our rehearsal studio is. It’s like the Bat Cave–nobody knows about it when you’re there, and nobody gives a shit anyway. We can go there whenever we want. It was just a comfortable place to play music. The song “Matador,” the first one we released out of this new batch of songs–when we played it, it felt good. And we could take all the time we wanted to make the record, and we weren’t getting leaned on from any direction except from internally, just saying, “Make some kickass music. Make some music you like.”

And a nice answer to finish:
What’s on your mind as you gear up for your first U.S. tour in such a long time?
It’s been a long time coming. . . . We’re all looking forward to setting out and playing this new music because we really like it. All the shows sold out really quick–not at the biggest of places, but that’s all right. None of us has any delusions of grandeur. We’re just trying to gauge what’s out there, and there’s a good enthusiasm. So, fuck yeah, we’re ready.

(via Alcides and FNM Followers)