Bill Gould has given a long and insightful interview with the OC Register as the tour and Sol Invictus promotion continues apace.

Here are some choice cuts:

“We did things back (in the ’80s and ’90s that were perceived as really bad decisions. And in the long term they ended up being great decisions. We chose the side of creativity over business and it’s great to see that survived over all that time. Because it could have gone the other way but it didn’t.”

“We’re not heavy metal musicians, we’re just musicians – we like all kinds of music. We don’t feel limited by having to do one particular thing, and the one thing we do is follow what inspires us.”

“It’s not so much we’re trying to be different, it’s more that it’s music we’re not hearing anywhere that we create to hear in our own music. There are tones and colors in ‘Sol Invictus’ that I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Thanks to online video sites the hardcore fans seemed already to have discovered the tunes, Gould says. “Considering most people hearing them are through YouTube videos on an iPhone and they’re liking them, that says a lot,” he says.

“At the same time we want to be a little protective so we don’t burn out like we did before and we don’t see each other again for 13 years.”