First Wiltern review

Friend of the site Raymond Flotat and mxdwn have posted an in-depth review of last night’s opening night at the Wiltern.
Here are some extracts:

“That soon-to-be-released album Sol Invictus is a fresh take on the band’s genre-less sound, one that already boasts what could be considered three hit worthy singles. On the first night of a three-night stand in Los Angeles, the band expertly blended the best of the first part of their career and a slew of killer new tracks”

“The last of which, was the second encore and final song of the night. It was the first time ever that new song “Black Friday” was played live. This was unique for several reasons. First off, keyboardist Roddy Bottum played only acoustic guitar for this number. The song features mostly clean electric or acoustic segments, but then sporadically drops in distortion with a Patton howl intermittently for a few seconds at a time. Lastly, this might be the first song Faith No More has done in many years that will truly challenge their diehard fans (a feat far harder than it sounds given their affinity for eclectic music).”

“This could be the return of the badly needed pace car for all of forward thinking rock music everywhere. They are a challenging, uncompromising and constantly evolving champion that will stand high above a vast sea of cookie cutter banality. Hallelujah. Not a moment too soon.”

There are also some great photos:

And a second Wiltern review

And ArtistDirect have just posted a stellar review of their own.
Here’s the gist:

“Faith No More upheld their superhero status last night at The Wiltern in Los Angeles during the first of a three-show stand.”

“As evinced by elegantly catchy “Sunny Side Up,” the schizophrenically majestic percussive wallop of “Separation Anxiety,” and epic “Black Friday,” debuted live last night, the band pick up exactly where they left off—making intelligent, inimitable, and irresistible alternative music in the truest sense of the world. Boundaries got incinerated a long time ago when The Real Thing vaulted Faith No More to platinum status, and they’re still challenging themselves and literally everything around them. ”

“Patton sauntered center stage letting out the refrain with the kind of swagger and gusto of an iconic crooner who has an affinity for hypnotic heaviness. For the uninitiated, think Frank Sinatra with a Slayer shirt under the suit.”

Wiltern videos

Finally, there are some great videos surfacing of the opening night at the Wiltern. Here is our playlist:

New posters

As we showed in our earlier Wiltern post, Alan Forbes produced another Dr Doom poster for the show. The regular edition poster is signed & numbered of 115. There is also a sparkle foil variant edition of 20.  Both posters will be available via Secret Serpents at 9:00 AM PDT on 23 April.

(Via Inside the Rock Poster Frame)

Wiltern show live on Periscope

It seems that the Wiltern broadcast a portion of last night’s show on the Periscope platform (I think that this is a 2015 version of UStream and allows people to stream events via their smartphones). Did anyone see it?

Kerrang! cover uncovered

Daniel Boud, the photographer behind that iconic cover from the current issue of Kerrang! magazine, has posted a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

Portland review

We approach yet another Portland review with trepidation. Hmmm – not to promising so far, this one from Spectrum Culture:
“The sound might have been middling, all heavy bass drowning out Patton’s vocals, and guitarist Jon D. Hudson, who joined the group just before its 1998 breakup, seemed lost during some songs, but the audience didn’t give one fuck, shouting along to songs such as “Land of Sunshine,” “Caffeine” and “Evidence.””
And here comes his take on Patton: “As a performer, Patton remains an odd combination of a confrontational and darkly comic. When he pulled a woman up from the audience during a rendition of the Commodores’ “Easy,” he not only put his arm around her and swayed, but maybe crossed some lines by groping her and trying to kiss her on the way out. I’m sure her boyfriend, if she has one, was thrilled. No sarcasm.”
Again – I’ve watched the video here and there is nothing untoward going on. An affectionate stomach pat is not a grope and the kiss was a goodbye kiss.

Here’s the pay-off: “But as other patrons filed in wearing Motherfucker T-shirts, all of the lifelong fans at my table still coursed with excitement, that angry young man inside was raging and thrumming to the music that still speaks some sort of truth more than 20 years later.”