Deadlines for international pre-orders for stunning Rock & Roll Biographies #2 Faith No More/Mr Bungle comic book, written by Mike Wellman and illustrated by Matt Jacobs, close tomorrow.

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Initial images look amazing and we look forward to getting our hands on a copy. We plan to speak to Matt – currently seeing every Faith No More show on the West Coast – but for now here are some extracts from an excellent interview he and Mike gave to Bleeding Cool.

Mike: “The Faith No More fans are a pretty discerning bunch and easy to throw arrows at anything that seems like it’s just someone trying to cash in. And the band itself, well, I wouldn’t want to wind up on their bad side.”
“Jim (FNM Followers) even put me in touch with Faith No More bassist Bill Gould (who it seems is the glue that holds the band together) and I sent the script over to him so he could ‘fact check’ it. There was ONE inaccuracy in the entire script, he said, and said “Just curious, how did you know some of this stuff?” So I either totally creeped him out or he was honored that people are paying attention! Maybe a little bit of both. Anyway, it’s still an UNOFFICIAL product, but it has passed through the hands of anyone official that cared to take time to see it.”

Matt: “One of my favorite things about both of these bands is their ability to switch styles and genres multiple times within each album, and in Bungle’s case like multiple times per song. So I had a chance to do something that I’ve wanted to do with my art in comics for a long time, but never really had an excuse to which was just that; kind of bounce back and forth between styles and mediums.”