Another day and another largely positive review for the Faith No More comeback album Sol Invictus.

Metal, hardcore and rock site The PRP has given the album a 4/5 review. Here are some of the best bits:

“This return finds the group performing as a collective. The past strains of the music industry meatgrinder alleviated, you can sense a unified respect for each other. Even so, they may be having fun again, but this isn’t a tepid affair by any means. Patton screams, distorted guitars lunge out, bass licks brood and groove and trace elements of diverse genres seep their way through the cracks.”

“Arguably a standout track, “Separation Anxiety” stalks like the bands mid-90’s output, establishing an unnerving sense of dread with an overbearing bass line and vocals that deviate from sinister chanting to manic outbursts.”

“It’d be hard to call “Sol Invictus” a flawless venture. It’s a bold proclamation, but boasts a song or two (I’m looking at you “From The Dead“) that serve more as an thematic function than an integral component.” 2015-04-27 22-41-24