As we reported via Devil PR last week, Metal Hammer have given Faith No More‘s comeback album Sol Invictus a 9/10 review and the review has now been published.

Here are the best bits but its worth picking up the mag or subscribing for the free articles to read in full:

“Scorchers abound. Hurtling tempos cast the breathtaking Superhero into a storm of buzzsaw riffs and Mike’s throat-shredding howls, while Cone Of Shame opens at high noon in a spaghetti western, adorned with echoey guitars and a baleful spoken-word passage, converging in a siege of concussive rhythms that drop like sledgehammers. Separation Anxiety pits Mike’s unhinged falsetto against rapid-fire lyrics, as brooding rhythms gather and erupt into the neckbreaking beatdown of the chorus. ”

“Time and again they demonstrate a capacity for crafting chest-beating, anthemic hooks that bands like the Foo Fighters could only hope to write, and yet rather than release the full-on mainstream hit of which they are capable, FNM embed these interludes within slow-burning forays of experimentalism.”

“Sol Invictus stands easily on its own, rising shoulder to shoulder with the very best of the band’s catalogue – a thrilling, ambitious and multidimensional voyage that grows progressively more satisfying with each successive spin. Brilliant. FINAL VERDICT: 9/10”