As well as the cover Faith No More feature, Heavy magazine also featured a wonderful review of new album Sol Invictus. And Alternative Press also gave a 4.5/5 to the “left-field metal monsters”.

Heavy magazine

“Sol Invictus is a true-to-form FNM record in every sense, and fans will embrace this album with gusto. Perhaps the best indication of the album’s strength is that there isn’t a standout killer single holding the record afloat. Cone of Shame’s probably the one track that could have that buzz after a few more listens but, honestly, every track could be a single here.”

Alternative Press

The Alternative Press review gives that album 4 stars out of 5 and has the album referencing post-punk, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Ennio Morricone. Reviewer Aaron Burgess adds:

“The riff still reigns; singer Mike Patton is still the Sybil Dorsett of art metal and bassist/producer Billy Gould is still king of the funky pocket.”