Mike Bordin on cover of Rhythm

Jim from FNM Followers has saved us a job transcribing the wonderful Mike Bordin feature in the June edition of Rhythm magazine. Here are some choice cuts from the magazine:

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“The recording and the writing was different and it was great, I enjoyed the hell out of it. And [this time] it was informal Just me and Bill basically, so it was nice just f**king around with it just playing music like we had -1 guess in the past we just played together and stuff would come out.”
“We all have to be [involved], we’re all still a band together but it’s a process – and the process a lot of the time starts with bass and drums, because you’re building the cake and after that a lot of things happen to the cake but you’ve got to build the damn thing first.”
“He (Bill) knew what we were talking about, he knew not only as the engineer – he had that hat on – but also as the guy in the band writing songs, he knew what we were trying to get to. God damn, its hard to say too much about the work and the role and the effort that he did, and if you knew you’d kind a feel sorry for him because he worked his ass off.”

And there are also some words from Bill:

What have you learned about recording drums since you worked on Album Of The Year that you were able to apply to Sol Invictus!

“Mostly that, aside from the physical drums themselves, which can always present a challenge, the integrity of the arrangement, the sound of the room, and the technique of the player can all have a lot to do with how things fit together. A lot of good tone is in the hands.”




Another great review from Lithium

Canadian online culture magazine Lithium is the latest publication to give Sol Invictus a glowing review.
The review states:

“The vibe that comes off Sol Invictus is that the time away from each other has given the band some room to flourish, and bring everything they’ve learned back to the studio for this album.
At times relentlessly manic and utterly poetic, Sol Invictus is everything I was hoping for from a new Faith No More Album.”

Rhythm review
(Also via Jim and FNM Followers)
Rhythm have also reviewed Sol Invictus and awarded 5/5:

Cone Of Shame is doomy but rich in rhythmic texture and colour; on ‘Black Friday’ Bordin frames Patton’s ode to consumerist greed with a swinging syncopation. Sol Invictus is a nicely balanced FNM album that proves the band can still deliver with style, and still sound like no one else.

French gold

The limited edition gold edition of Sol Invictus is now available in France – and leading music retailer FNAC. (Merci Bertrand and mes motes de the Faith No More French Community for the tip).

New Noise photo gallery

I’m still trying to track down the French New Noise with Faith No More and those kittens on the cover but the other New Noise online has just unveiled a wonderful Warfield photo gallery:

Faith No More São Paulo ticket details


Details of Faith No More’s São Paulo concert on 24 September have been revealed today. Here’s the details via BlahCultural:

Dia: 24 de setembro, quinta-feira
Local: Espaço das Américas – Rua Tagipurú, 795 – SP Horário abertura dos portões: 19h00 / Horário do Show: 22h00
BudZone – Pista Premium: R$ 370,00 / R$ 185,00 (meia)
Pista: R$ 190,00 / R$ 95,00 (meia)
Mezanino: R$ 370,00 / R$ 185,00 (meia)
Pré-venda Samsung: Segunda-feira, 25 de Maio de 2015, meia noite (00h00 de domingo para segunda-feira)
Pré-venda Samsung termina: Terça-feira, 26 de Maio de 2015, 23h59.
Início das Vendas: Quarta-feira, 27 de Maio de 2015, meia noite (00h00 de terça para quarta-feira)
Venda online: http://www.livepass.com.br/faith-no-more/

Unofficial Superhero remix

An interesting new independent remix/mash-up of Superhero and DJ Soul Slinger from Caste 1