French magazine New Noise has pulled off quite a coup with arguably the best Faith No More interview so far in 2015. The publication devotes 11 pages to the band in its must-buy latest edition, with long interviews with Mike Patton, Bill Gould and Roddy Bottum, a cover and a 9.5/10 album review.

And Mike is especially engaging and talkative in his Q and A with on-form interviewer Olivier Drago. He says: “There will be more, other Faith No More records when I don’t know.”
There interview is a virtual goldmine but here are some of the best bits which I have translated so far. (Thanks to Stevens Drean for sending the mag my way)

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“One evening I passed by Billy’s place and right in the middle of a conversation he told me that he had composed a new track and asked if I wanted to hear it. And there I found that it sounded really good. I had not really expected something so good. I asked him what he wanted to do with it and he replied to me: “It’s for Faith No More, you want to sing on it?” I was a thousand miles from suspecting that. In fact, it was very different from the last time when we had composed together. This time I was not involved from the start, at that time I was working on something else. In the 90s, it was more “Right, it’s time to make a new album”, and we all put it together. We are older, we are different people, open to new ways of working. That’s what’s funny with Faith No More…no that’s what’s great rather, the creative process. That’s what I love, more than the final result even.

You did not participate in composing the tracks, you were content to sing and write some lyrics?
When Billy made me listen to the tracks, they were already well advanced, well structured, but all the same we all worked together on them later. I did not say that I was less involved in the creative process this time but that I approached it from a different angle as I wasn’t present from the start. Suddenly I arrived with a fresh ear. I remember that when we had mixed the album I heard things that the others could not hear as they had been working on it for a longer time. I brought an other perspective.

The only reproach that I could make concerning the album is the length: only 10 tracks in less than 40 minutes. Have you used everything?
Oh no, far from it. We have put aside a nice bunch of tracks! I do not know what we are going to do with them but there are plenty of others…I could not say exactly how many but at least enough to constitute an album. Those that we selected were those that fit the best…

You created a label Reclamation Recordings to release the singles and the album. Why not do that simply with Ipecac? Because it is your label and you wanted a structure which appealed to everyone?
Yes, the group needed a house of its own. For many years, with Ipecac, I had my own house. There, we discussed it all together and this is what seemed better. This label, it’s a start. There will be more, other Faith No More records when I don’t know. In any case, its motivating.

You are telling that there will be other Faith No More albums?
We hope so. But it is hard to say, and the new record has not even been released yet, so let us breathe man (laughs)