Alongside their stunning interviews with Mike Patton, Bill Gould and Roddy Bottum in their latest issue, New Noise also feature an almost poetic review from Olivier Drago, the same journalist who interviewed the band.

Here are some extracts:

Faith No More have absolutely not disappointed with this record, which, as we are accustomed, does not resemble any of its predecessors. It sounds neither like the 80s, like the 90s, 2000s nor 2010s. An album which neither seeks nor rehashes a glorious past nor tries to seize the zeitgeist. In short, the San Francisco quintet have signalled an ideal recording return.”

The review goes on to say that “Sol Invictus is the most homogenous album yet from the group. An album which as soon as one starts listening is very difficult to unhook from. Faith No More have now confirmed anew that they have no equal when it comes to fusing together different genres without sounding like a fusion group.”

And it concludes:

“There is no need to speak of the schizophrenic, theatrical and inhabited delivery of Patton, moving between electrical vocal chords and a velvet throat or neither the inventiveness or strength of the rhythm section. We will conclude stressing the fact that each if these ten songs sound already like timeless classics with tenacious melodies and that Faith No More, with Sol Invictus, retain their title as the the best group in the world. At least.”

The reviewer dropped off half a point because it is “too short”.