Friend of the site, überFNMfan and writer supreme Adriano Mazzeo’s wonderful interview with Faith No More’s Bill Gould is now out and gracing the cover of Chile’s RockAxis magazine.

Read it for free now here

And Adriano has also sent us over a few quotes that he has personally translated. We’ll have more extracts from the interview in the next few days:

“I can’t define the soul of Faith No More. I think that Faith No More is a process of discovery. It’s like a person: you discover who you are through life.”

“We are much more popular now than at the time we used to make records. In the past it was like a fight, people didn’t get the music we wrote, it wasn’t translating for people. So, I think over time it has, obviously, and actually I’m very happy about it because I didn’t expect that.”

“The writing process of Sol Invictus was like cooking, the way we make music is like the way we make food: you know how to get your ingredients. You go shopping for your meat, your vegetables, you know where you are going to have that. But the way you will cook them and season them it is all a process that you’ll discover. And when it’s ready, you will know it’s ready. That’s the way we made Sol Invictus.”