Metacritic high score

The reviews have been rolling inf or Sol Invictus and we’ve captured the vast majority of them. leading cultural review aggregator Metacritic has now added Faith No More’s latest to their site and , based on the initial reviews they have compiled, it is sitting pretty with a score of 92.


Similar site Album of the Year has also listed Sol Invictus and has it scoring high on user reviews and one critic review.

Bill speaks to Oakland Press

Bill Gould took time to speak to local paper Oakland Press about Sol Invictus. And here is some of what he said:

“To be blunt, we are playing great shows and, in our opinion, writing some cool music. But at our age we realize that there will come a point when we will physically become incapable of doing this. In the long term, that is the future. In the short term, we are doing our best to make the most out of the present.”

Penthouse view

So, er, we were perusing penthouse for the articles when we, er, came across this brief article on Faith No More.The Full Frontal section has this to say:
“Back in 2009, Faith No More reunited after a decade-long hiatus to play a few European festivals—which ultimately stretched into a four-year reunion tour. Now the band is back in full force, with a North American tour kicking off this month and a new album, Sol Invictus, right behind it. They dropped the pissed-off single “Motherfucker” late last year, and we’re expecting the rest of the album to be even more epic (sorry, but we just couldn’t resist).”

Another great French review

French site SWQW has given Sol Invictus the latest rave review from the francophone world. Here are the choice cuts:

“Separation Anxiety is the best example of the astonishing success of the group in making the link between 1995 and 2015. The arrival of the guitar on the pre-chorus gives the impression that Patton is going exclaim, “It’s your last cup of sorrow “, while the low swinging couplets and hysterical vocals make us think of the best of Tomahawk. The group has not lost its fantasy (the melodica of Rise of the Fall, the kitsch From The Dead or the epic Matador), and it without doubt for that reason that it has not crashed. Some incredibly good songs even float and in those moments, ecstasy awaits us: Cone Of Shame, Rise Of The Fall, Separation Anxiety, Superhero … How amazing! Even Billy Gould has  rediscovered that his mammoth bass sound, obese and slamming, and, at a time when absolutely no one is considering for a second to do that. But he jogs Billy, he slaps.

In fact, the reception of this disc may be distorted on one side by jaded preconceptions, which after one and half listens,  say that this album is not as good as its predecessors and this was foreseeable, and on the other, kids who read Inrocks [a French cultural magazine] who speak politely about “incendiary hard rock” in just 140 characters. But you, you, you will listen to this record as it deserves, it being understood that it will not get into your heart at the same level in a week that King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime did in 20 years. But little by little, you will tap your foot, you will meditate on Patton choruses (“Sunny Side Up / Such a lovely way to start the day / Sunny Side up / Not the only way to fry an egg”) and you’ll think twice before griping about reformations.

Sol Invictus is neither embarrassing nor shy, it sounds like Faith No More being Faith No More in 2015 – period. With class, not without violence, in white pants, the hair (gray) slicked back. Different but the same. And Faith No More has released a fantastic album, no need look any further.”

Metal Wania review

Latest review comes from Metal Wania who give 9/10 and state: ” Faith No More should be proud of what they have delivered. It’s weird, flamboyant, creepy, and even motivating.”