Our “what song do you want to hear live?” poll attracted lots of interest and discussion and thanks to everyone who took part. the results were pretty conclusive with Jizzlobber topping the poll, closely followed by Kindergarten, Smaller and Smaller, A Small Victory and Crack Hitler.

Poll Results: What song do you want to hear live?

537 Votes were cast. You can still vote here.

01. Jizzlobber 100% of votes
02. Kindergarden 86% of votes
03. Smaller and Smaller 73% of votes
04. A Small Victory 64% of votes
05. Crack Hitler 60% of votes
06. Mouth to Mouth 52% of votes
07. The Last to Know 49% of votes
08. Ugly in the Morning 44% of votes
09. What a Day 41% of votes
10. The Crab Song 37% of votes

What the band say

But we are unlikely to hear any of these choice cuts when Faith No More resume their US tour tonight in Chicago. In a piece of fortuitous timing, the band have been discussing the setlist and some of these songs specifically in that wonderful feature in France’s New Noise magazine.

Here’s what Mike Patton had to say when asked:

Do you not like playing Malpractice, Crack Hitler and Smaller and Smaller?
No, really, I love them but they are difficult to play live. In fact, the ones you mention are really studio creations and that is the case with many songs from Angel Dust; complicated to recreate on stage. Let’s says that we prefer to play our more visceral songs where we can really let go. Playing Malpractice or Smaller and Smaller seems more like a recital. That can be cool but it does not really suit Faith No More.

And here’s Bill Gould:

Are there any old songs that you do not like to play live?
Yes – and that’s shown by the fact that there are some that we never play. Because they are too…boring. Death March from Introduce Yourself for example –  I can’t stand it.

Smaller and Smaller, Mouth to Mouth,  What a Day,  Crack Hitler, Malpractice you never play…
Mouth to Mouth because it is a song which is better in the studio than live, Smaller and Smaller because it is one of the boring songs I was thinking of. It is long, slow and if we played it, people would die of boredom and I would risk falling asleep on stage!

Personally I wouild prefer Smaller and Smaller to I Started a Joke which you play systematically…
It’s my fault. I am the asshole who does not want to play this song (laughs) We are revising the setlist. Some we are tired of playing – Midlife Crisis, We Care a Lot or Epic and there’ s a big discussion between us at the minute. Are we obliged to play these songs? They are songs tailor-made for the stage and people love to hear them but…We will see once the new songs are integrated into the setlist.

The winning song