As well as that very revealing Premier Guitar interview; Jon Hudson has recently been interviewed in the June edition of Guitar World and in the May/June edition of French magazine Guitare Xtreme.

Here are some of the best bits from the quiet man of Faith No More:

On meeting and then joining Faith No More (Guitar World)

A former bandmate introduced me to them in 1989. Then Bill helped me out with a demo after they did Angel Dust. I got the feeling that things were not working out with Jim. Bill gave me a demo to work on at one point. I worked on several songs and sent them to him, but they ended up working with Trey, which was the right decision.

Bill called Jim me in early 1996 and asked me if I would be interested in joining the band. I didn’t audition. I just jumped in and started working with Bill. I gave him a cassette full of ideas and some of them wound up on Album of the Year, which was really exciting.

On his property business (Premier Guitar)

I worked in property management—I oversaw condominiums for Homeowners Associations in the Bay area. Getting paid to play music is crazy, and to have that be your day job is just incredible. To go from that into management is quite a transition.

When the band split up, I toyed around with having my own band and putting out my own record, but I couldn’t really find the right people to work with at the time. I was also trying to be realistic about it. I just thought, look, I had a great run with the band, but it didn’t pan out, so I switched gears and grew up. Managing a portfolio of properties was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’m glad to be playing music again for my day job [laughs].

On returning to Faith No More (Guitar World)

I quit my job because I was tired of it. A few months later, I got word that Faith No More was starting up again. So it was very fortuitous and good timing.

On whether the band works better with him than previous guitarists (Guitare Xtreme)

I’m not sure if it works better with me. I was offered a job, it was a great opportunity so I jumped onto the moving train and I am still here! I can’t really speak in place of the previous guitarists but when the original members of the group worked together for many years, there were fights, tension and ego problems. It is not abnormal that there were distances taken and separations. Jim Martin left Faith No More a long time ago very simply because it wasn’t working out. That’s life. Trey Spruance did a great job for King for a Day…the group had the benefit of this great musician but it didn’t happen. I have no idea why. As for me, I was called, I came and did the job.

On Cone of Shame (Premier Guitar)

What are you using for the beginning of “Cone of Shame,” where it’s just spare drums and a spaghetti-Western guitar line?
That was definitely one of Bill’s plug-ins because I played that part clean with a Fender American Standard Telecaster. I remember I wanted a really bright tone that would really pop out of that sparse arrangement, so I played that Tele on the bridge pickup and we added reverb and delay afterwards. Live, I’ll use an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail.

On Rise of the Fall (Premier Guitar)

There are lots of clean parts on that song—some are mixed down a little quieter because we wanted them to sit lower in the mix compared to the vocal. I did a lot of work with my Gibson ES-335 for the real, clear precise parts. There were a few different layers on that one. For the melodic break in the vocals, I double-tracked parts with my Les Paul Custom and the Tele.