Faith No More’s status as alternative rock pioneers was further burnished today as Artist direct spoke to Chino Moreno of Deftones, Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Serj Tankian of System of a Down to get their opinions on the returning rockers.


First up, the article sets out its stall:

“The San Francisco icons took the term alternative and made it their own, creating music that literally bobbed and weaved past any and all trends and influenced countless acts to follow.”

Corey Taylor, Slipknot

I had heard Faith No More, but I actually had a moment with Faith No More that I just started talking about recently because people have asked me what inspired me to go in the direction I ended up going in. It was one of the few times I tried to commit suicide. I swallowed a whole bottle of pills. My ex-girlfriend, who was honestly the catalyst for why I did it—because I was a 19-year-old maniac—showed up at my house with her mom within minutes of me actually doing this…My grandmother came to pick me up. She took me back to our house, and I basically spent the rest of the night on the couch feeling so sorry for myself that it was almost ugly. I might as well have had an emotional odor coming out of me. The MTV Video Music Awards were on. It was the year Faith No More played “Epic”. There’s something so different about them live and them on a video. You didn’t really get that vibe from the video as much as you saw it live.

Mike Patton is a crazy genius. Watching him basically take the piss out of that entire audience and the fact everyone in that band had such diverse personalities that it worked, I was mesmerized. It shook my whole idea of what you can do musically.

Chino Moreno, Deftones

Angel Dust was the record that made me think, “This is one of the sickest bands.” The first album had a couple of good songs, but Angel Dust sounded savage to me. It sounded way more like a Mike Patton record. I feel like he had a lot more influence on it.


Serj Tankian, System of a Down

I love Faith No More and Mike Patton. Patton always pushes boundaries and does something completely different.