Faith No More have been featured in Brazil’s leading newspaper O Globo and by influential blogger Marcos Bragatto in Rock em Geral in the past few days, as their frankly unbelievably exhaustive worldwide Sol Invictus promotion continues apace. First up O Globo and we’ll have the full Rock em Geral interview in our next post.

O Globo

To be honest, O Globo‘s interview with Bill Gould covers little new ground but there are a few interesting points. Here is Bill on the genesis of the new album:

“At first he [Mike] was not as interested in doing something new, but once he saw what we were doing, he decided to get involved. That’s the way we always work, always has. Even though Mike composes some things, he usually comes when we already have some well-defined song structures.”

Bill also makes some interesting observations on their label situation:

“We’ve been into major labels, which implies good things and bad things. Nowadays I don’t think we need the good things as much as we needed them in the past. And definitely we don’t need the bad things anymore,” states Billy, confirming that the album will have a Brazilian release”

But Bill does give a hint about future Faith No More activity when he speaks about returning to Rock in Rio:

“That was a turning point for us, a great opportunity for us. It was the gateway to all of South America and we may find that, with this return, we complete a cycle, but I think there is much more to come for the band.”

(Thank Pablo Fernandez for the tip and translation)