A bit of a surprise this one with long-time supporters of the band Consequence of Sound only offering up a mixed review of Faith No More’s Sol invictus:

They say:

“…“Sunny Side Up”, a delightfully weird tune in which Patton ruminates about eggs. It’s probably not destined to be a classic, but it does feel like the moment Sol Invictus finally establishes the tension that made Faith No More such a fun listen back in the ‘90s. This was the band that proved how goofy metal could be while still sounding tough as hell, and tracks like the bruising “Cone of Shame” — during which Patton practically loses his mind while screaming, “You’re only happy when you’re pissing me off!” — show how deep their rabbit hole still goes.

“Sol Invictus is indeed an adequate album. That’s no small praise, especially for a gang of 50-year-olds who slept through the digital music revolution and could have coasted into retirement on the back of reunion tours and vinyl reissues. Faith No More had nothing to lose by staying on history’s sidelines, for once, but Sol Invictus proves that they belong back in the game.”

But Sputnik have have given the album 4.5/5, stating:

“Songs like the gorgeous ‘Matador’ and the churning ‘Separation Anxiety’ radiate with some of the band’s best ideas to date; either could have featured on the band’s opus Angel Dust. But as previously stated, Sol Invictus isn’t all nostalgia. ‘Rise of the Fall’ sees Faith No More’s hard rock complimented with lush Sicilian melodies found nowhere else in the band’s catalogue.

“Sol Invictus feels like a culmination of all the band has done before, and a taster of where they may yet go. It ends on an optimistic note with ‘From the Dead’, suggesting that Faith No More are glad to be back. Hopefully this means there is more to come. Welcome home, my friends.”