After Classic Rock and Metal Hammer gave Sol Invictus 8 and 9/10 respectively, the third element of the Team Rock stable, Team Rock itself, has given the album 9/10 and a storming review. 2015-05-12 22-40-11

Reviewer Paul Brannigan states:

“While deep immersion in the album’s 10 tracks allows the isolation of numerous wonderful individual ‘moments’ – the sweet melodica swells in Rise Of The Fall, Roddy Bottum’s earworm cyclical keyboard riff in Superhero, the utter contempt heard in Mike Patton’s voice on Black Friday – the overwhelming first impression is just how brilliantly Faith No More’s component parts interlock and engage here. That these long-estranged collaborators can achieve such cohesion and momentum without dependence on nostalgia or familiar tropes is laudable, and indeed at various points here, utterly remarkable.”


“Welcome home my friend,” Patton sings at its climax, an apposite end to a 40-minute set which only serves to underline and emphasise the quintet’s reputation as one of the most dazzlingly distinctive, inventive and sui generis rock bands of all time. Welcome home gentlemen, we’ve missed you.”

Again, it’s another review worth reading in its entirety.