Faith No More spoke to Red Bull’s magazine Red Bulletin – and shone some new light on the reunion.

When asked about side projects, Mike stated:

“I don’t think we’d be back together at this point if I hadn’t had the opportunity to do other projects. It all makes sense now. I was sceptical about reunion stuff, but we did some reunion shows and it felt great. It was refreshing. And when I heard the new music Bill wrote, I was like, ‘Oh f–k this is good.’ bg: If we hadn’t done those side projects, who would we be now? We’d be unhappy. We’d have started making s–tty records. But it doesn’t have to be that way.”

And Mike also had some advice for his sceptical younger self when asked:

“‘Shut your mouth, little Mike! It’s not going to be what you think’. I once said, ‘If I’m 40 and still doing this, someone please kill me.’ Like, it’s undignified to
do this once you’ve hit 30. The industry defines you and then holds you to it and tells you what to do. But it’s better to just shrug it off.

Thanks to Kerrang letter of the month 1998 in comments for sending the Irish edition of Red Bulletin to me.