Message from the band

On the day that’s in it – here’s Faith No More’s message for the fans:

The National review

United Arab Emirates leading English-language newspaper The National was full of praise for Sol Invictus:

“FNM can’t resist a jaunty parting missive, a nod to their occasional easy-listening influences, on the positively presentable From the Dead – quite probably with an arched-eyebrow acknowledgement to the band’s own Lazarus-style resurrection.

Those who loved FNM’s experimental tendencies circa King for a Day … have plenty to get their teeth into, then, but there’s enough tuneful nous to also pique the attention of the band’s earlier fans. All of which makes Sol Invictus a perilous high-wire balancing act that’s largely as successful as it is brave.”

Already Heard 5/5 review

UK-based alternative music website Already Heard has given a 5/5 review to Sol Invictus. He said:

“I could bang on all day about the rest of the songs on the album but there’s really no need. They sound like Faith No More and they’re great. From the operatic pomp of ‘Matador’ to the sneering tension of ‘Cone Of Shame’ the entire album is a resounding success. They idea of listing reference points is equally as redundant. Faith No More didn’t sound like anyone else when they entered the public conscious in the late 80’s and they still don’t like anyone else.

“‘Sol Invictus’ is the sound of a band enjoying each other’s creative company again and that’s allowed them to slip into a groove that’s welcomingly familiar and as stirringly brilliant as ever.”

Skip to the End 10/10 review

And another set of full marks from Skip to the End. Reviewer Ben states:

“The greatest compliment I can pay is that this obviously a Faith No More album. It doesn’t sound like they’re trying to emulate anyone else, they haven’t succumbed to modern trends, nor have they tried to curb their more experimental instincts. It’s as wild and varied a record as any they’ve ever done, and it deservedly stands alongside them. Flawless.”

The Monolith review

And The Monolith has given Sol Invictus an 85% score. They say:

“Sol Invictus is an undoubtedly mature collection of rock songs from one of the most collectively talented bands of modern history. There’s no denying that the decision to start writing music again was a slightly risky one, but it is a risk that has paid off handsomely. Sol Invictus is not a completely immediate album, but repeated listens reveal its quality, and in the context of the full forty minute duration, even “Motherfucker” makes sense in its place.

Long-term fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as Sol Invictus builds upon Faith No More’s illustrious heritage, rather than undermining it – and for newcomers to the Faith No More party, it will serve as an ideal introduction to the aural feast that awaits in their back catalogue. Welcome back, Faith No More, we’ve missed you.”

My Music My Concerts My Life

One of those rambling conversation-style reviews. On reviewer Steph hits the spot:

“Five fucking stars. This is an album I will go to again and again for decades to come. Every song was a hit for me. It’s complete badassery. Hands down. Would’ve loved a love song but hey, it’s FNM. They’re still bad asses but with a lot less hair. They’re way hotter in my opinion now. Way hotter. Favorite tracks, Cone Of Shame and Motherfucker. Hands down. Both earn spot on workout playlist. I don’t normally buy into the “album as a concept” thing but this works. It’s pretty much the perfect example of what a concept album should and could be. It goes full circle. The sun burns their face at the start, it’s Unconquered, but in the end it’s conquered. They couldn’t have done this better after an 18 year break. This should be the example of a comeback album. Period.”