Review bible All Music Guide has given Faith No More’s Sol Invictus one of those rave reviews where you wonder where the missing star went. It is worth reading in full but here’s the best bits:

” While it’s more unified and less aggressively eccentric than Angel Dust, 2015’s Sol Invictus — Faith No More’s first album since regrouping for live work in 2011 — certainly captures the same “anything goes” spirit of their best album, and the results capture the feel of their finest work. “

And concludes:

” From the churning paranoia of “Separation Anxiety” and the distressed funk of “Sunny Side Up” to the blasting impact of “Cone of Shame” and the broadly theatrical closing number “From the Dead,” Patton’s range is every bit as broad as the band’s, and if he hasn’t guided Faith No More to a second masterpiece, Sol Invictus is their best and most compelling work since Angel Dust, and the rare reunion album that truly adds to the strength of the group’s legacy rather than diluting it.”