This is a corker of a review. It gets to the beating heart of the matter: Sol Invictus is here to bring rock music back From the Dead. Project Backstage hits the spot:

By and far – because of awesome melodies, great rock and roll sensibilities, sharp social commentary and honest emotion – Sol Invictusis the freshest-sounding record you’ll probably hear in 2015. By a damn sight. “


“All of this is why Sol Invictus is so much more than whether or not Faith No More can hang nearly 20 years after they went away. Very much like Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, Sol Invictus might be the demarcation point of generations. If you’re okay with your AOR and your lite rock with nothing to say except for having some equal sign tattooed on its hand? Then the Coldplays and WALK THE MOON’s of the world are all yours. Shut up and dance with them.

However, if you actually have the wherewithal to go after something with some bite? If you don’t mind putting the work in to listen to a record with something honest and challenging to say? If you’re brave enough to take on an album with some real musical craftsmanship that doesn’t involve painting by numbers? If you’re brave enough to step outside the comfort zone that current American popular culture has become, then you’re ready for Faith No More’s Sol Invictus. Welcome to what’s outside the machine.”

Gold. Michael Melchor, we salute you.