Rolling Stone has given Faith No More’s Sol Invictus a short and largely positive review under the reductive and slightly patronizing headline of “Weird-metal guys show they’re still nutty after all these years”.

They say:

“Sol Invictus, the band’s first record since 1997’s underrated Album of the Year, offers newer, better versions of Faith No More’s formula: spaghetti-Western guitars (“Cone of Shame”), proggy keyboard drama (“Matador”) and tons of vocal contortions from lead singer Mike Patton (“Rise of the Fall”). With the exception of one tune seemingly about Patton’s breakfast (“Sunny Side Up”), it’s as much a triumphant victory lap as it’s a comeback record.”

AP review

Meanwhile, leading US news wire the Associated Press has given the record a completely glowing review. Under the headline of “Faith No More Screams Back to Life”, they say:

“As ever, the band’s not-so-secret weapon is frontman Mike Patton, whose voice is capable of flipping from touching falsetto to larynx-ripping raw screams within a single line.

In the stunning “Cone of Shame,” Patton begins the track crooning over a spaghetti Western-influenced guitar line before morphing into a Tom Waits-ian, smoke-addled narrator, shape-shifting, finally, into a demonic presence — multitracking a series of guttural wails as the song reaches its crushing conclusion.

“Sol Invictus” shimmers to a glorious, harmonic close with the lines: “Back from the dead/ I can see the end — welcome home my friend” — and it’s good to have them back.”