The hipster indie bible has spoken. Spoken in a barely legible way but spoken nonetheless:

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with a band repeating itself. But because Faith No More have such a long history, and their members are responsible for music in a staggering array of styles, it’s hard not to expect more, to wish that they might in some way top themselves, or at least change direction. Towards the end of “Cone of Shame”, Patton admits, “I’m only happy when I’m pissing you off.” Considering Faith No More’s history of confounding and confronting the listening public and the systems of order which influence it, such a statement could serve as the band’s motto. In that sense, maybe holding something back was the plan all along, and a future Faith No More record (one is said to be on the way) will have something more.”

The writer of the NPR review Adrien Begrand had his say on the review: