The July edition of Classic Rock features an in-depth article with interviews with Mike Patton, Bill Gould and Roddy Bottum.

It’s a great feature and stars an angry Patton, Roddy’s London windfall and Tom Jones in Reno and photos from the legendary Ross Halfin and words from well-known film and music journalist Nick Hasted.

Here’s Roddy on the new album:

“It is different than before. It sounds really stripped-down and simple. Mike’s singing from a more solitary  voice this time around. It doesn’t feel as schziophrenic as it was on past records. It’s a lot darker than I thought we would have gone, very sombre. When were super-young, we felt like we were always going to be this dark, hypnotic, Goth sort of band, and the tone’s come back round to that.”

Mike also spoke about his reaction to hearing the music some of the band had been working on, saying that he was “honoured and humbled at the fact that the band had been working on this stuff, and they were thinking of me being a part of it. I was very moved by it. More importantly, the music was incredibly strong and pointed. Maybe in ways that our records haven’t been in the past.”