Bill Gould speaks to For Bass Players Only

An interesting video interview from Bill for For Bass Players Only in which he speaks about starting playing and especially his partnership with Mike Bordin.
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Metal Hammer cover

What a cover! Faith No More will again grace the cover of Metal Hammer for its new issue which goes on sale on Tuesday.

We’ll have details on the story when it is published.

Maor Applebaum on Sol Invictus

PMC speakers have put out a media release featuring some interesting quotes from Maor Appelbaum, who mastered the album:

Mastering engineer and musician Maor Appelbaum says the clarity delivered by his PMC monitors helped make a complex project much faster and more enjoyable.

“Sol Invictus is a collection of very different songs that work like scene changes within a movie,” he explains. “While each song has to work on its own, it also needs to work as part of the whole project.

“In order to achieve a cohesive effect, I used quite a big mastering set up, which included two analogue compressors, two analogue EQs and various digital compressors, limiters and de-essers. The monitoring was critical and I was very pleased with the clarity and precision of my PMC speakers, especially when I was playing tracks at high volume. They give incredibly detailed sound, which makes the reviewing process much faster – and they are not fatiguing at all so, if I need to, I can spend longer in front of them without feeling tired.”

Classic Rock gives rave review for Faith No More at Wiltern

We’ve been concentrating only on album reviews lately but here’s an excellent live review from Classic Rock/Metal Hammer/Team Rock:

Frontman Mike Patton is wearing some sort of bondage harness that tugs at his nostrils and cheeks, contorting his face. And they open with a new song entitled Motherfucker, slow building and weirder than a furries convention on acid. They follow that with the colossal From Out Of Nowhere. So much for magic and madness.
…If there’s a complaint it’s that the Wiltern always sounds muffled, with excellent views of the backs of peoples’ heads, but even that is solved when the entire crowd sings along to Midlife Crisis. Not known to be easily impressed, Patton gives a nod of approval, acknowledging one of those special nights, and perhaps that we’d forgotten Faith No More could be so good. We won’t forget again in a hurry.

Metal Hammer Hungary feature

This is a great in-depth feature in the Hungarian version of Metal Hammer from Faith No More fan Máté Sándor. Here is Máté’s own summary in English. (Thanks Máté):

“I try to analyse the music, the artwork of the album, and the meaning of some lyrics. How I see this great masterpiece. I write about that its not to easy make a new album after 18 years, but Faith No More give a fantastic answer to the doubters. The title of the article is Sunshine from the Grave. I analyse every song. Mike Patton said in a Chilean interview: when he makes music, its like he’s watching a movie. And if he watches a movie, its like he hearing some music. So that’s why I wrote about my visual vision about Sol Invictus songs. I analyse the marketing strategy, and the potential continuation in the future.”

Diffuser ranks Faith No More’s albums

We’ll come back to this in a separate post but here’s Diffuser’s very readable ranking of Faith No More’s seven albums from worst to first. Not the high placing for Sol Invictus.

Distorted Sound review

UK rock and metal site Distorted Sound has given Sol Invictus a 9/10 review. They conclude:

“Matador, one of the finest tracks to be on Sol Invictus and one of the most ambitious that the band have written to date. Chilling, funky, everything in between, and everything you can expect and want from a FAITH NO MORE track.

A stunning closure to the beginning of FAITH NO MORE’s return, From the Dead sets the perfect feeling for a track that leaves everyone remembering exactly what it was they missed about this band and why Sol Invictus is more than just a comeback record, it is the sort of past that none of us mind digging up.

With excellent experimentation, superb vocals, beautiful music and incredible production, Sol Invictus is the perfect way to walk back into a room and remember that some things, we should not let go of and FAITH NO MORE is one of them.”