Tiny Mix Tapes 

The popular music site gives Sol Invictus 3/5 seemingly only lopping off 2 stars in pique as album theme of rebirth is about band and not a general one.

“It doesn’t offer any major stylistic advance over Album of the Year, admittedly, but its 10 songs are constructed with an incomparable craft and creativity that few bands in rock and metal can reproduce. They’re equally memorable and macabre, expressing the diverse palette for which Patton and Co. are notorious, and displaying a masterful ear for dynamics. More importantly, the underlying positivity of the record, the unwillingness of the band to wallow in their own filth and damn themselves for their problems, is a step in a much saner direction. Even though its applicability to the rest of us may be diluted by the possibility that it’s centered solely on Faith No More’s reappearance in the pop world, it’s also possible that the reason why we’re so drawn to band reunions in the first place is that they all offer us hope of performing similar resuscitations on ourselves. They convince or delude us into thinking that we can awake From this living sleep, and Faith No More’s is no exception.”


The New Zealand entertainment site is overwhelingly effusive but does not give top marks:

“In a music world full of meaningless stripper pop, twerking and disposable tracks of the minute, it’s really refreshing to see a band that remains true to their roots, but are never afraid to evolve and tinker with their sound to ensure they release top quality, refreshing music.

The production provided by bass player Billy Gould should also be applauded because he has totally nailed a sound that suits their style.

Sol Invictus is a top notch album that, like a fine wine, I’m sure will improve with age.

It’s just so good to have such an influential 90s band back releasing invigorating ‘real’ music again in 2015. An excellent album overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars. It’s the real thing!”