A pretty much glowing review from the US broadcaster ABC even if their potted history is odd. They say:

Here, the band is back in full force, wide awake and ready to dominate. Mike Patton is in top vocal form seesawing from low growls to operatic yelps — although, for the most part, he pretty much sticks to the former, giving the album a metallic bit of menace. The opening title track sounds like Tom Waits in spots, as does “Motherf*****.”

At its core, “Sol Invictus” is a muscular beast that bounces from the heavy riffing of “Separation Anxiety” to the bellowing pop of “From the Dead.” It should come as no surprise to any past fans that this band maintains its eclecticism. After all, this is the same group that delivered the Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque “Epic,” and then, a few years later, dropped a very straight-ahead, loyal cover of the Commodores’ classic “Easy.”