For some Faith No More fans and a lot of Patton fanboys and girls, Mike Patton is God but he’s actually more like Jesus – a humble carpenter.

Patton and Bill Gould and Mike Bordin spoke to the Associated Press in a wide-ranging interview now widely syndicated today.

Patton said:

“All I do is try and fit into whatever, and this could be Faith No More or any other thing that I’ve done. “Hey, what’s needed?” I’m like a carpenter. I see my job as that. You need some spackle? You need some venetian plaster? Do you need some help with the roof? That’s really the only way I see it. I don’t think I did anything spectacular on this record. It was what was needed.”

Elsewhere, he also spoke about the band’s future:

“”An old man only looks to the next day,” the 47-year-old Patton said. “We’re old men. “So what you do is, you look to the next day or the next plan, and, honestly, we don’t have a plan after this tour or this record.”