The second of two major interviews with UK rock magazines today finds Faith No More speaking to Mojo magazine.

Like the Metal Hammer article, this one also delves deeply into the band’s background and features input from Mikes Patton and Bordin and Bill Gould and Roddy Bottum.
The article by Stevie Chick features an in-depth history with fresh quotes and a 1984 show review.


Here are some of the best quotes that Jim has not already posted on Faith No More Followers:

Bill: “The Real Thing found an audience with the metal kids, which was great. But we were being perceived as something we weren’t. And when it came time for the follow-up, people were baying for The Real Thing Part II and we didn’t want to make it.

Bill on Jim Martin: “It’s like a high school break-up. There’s a lot of pride involved. He maintains he quit the band.”

And Bill again: “I always thought we had more music in us, even when we split up. I was hoping there would be a creative part to the reunion. Still, there was hesitation within the band to do anything to cash in on the reunion; we were just reconnecting as people, to bring cynicism into it…No”

Last word to Mike Bordin on life after Sol Invictus: “I hate to talk about that shit, I don’t want to jinx it. But it’s like Sinatra said “the second time round, love is lovelier, and its all so much better, and that’s cool.”