Another great Faith No More feature on NPR. Mike Patton was in good form in this excellent NPR interview published today.

Some choice cuts:

“It makes sense, and in some ways we’re all kind of getting it right. We’re trying to right some wrongs, if you can say that. Meaning the way s***’s recorded, the way it’s presented, and basically just us taking control of our name, of our music, and everything that that contained.”

“I write stuff all the time. All the time. I don’t know where it’s gonna go, or where it’s gonna end up. I think you kinda figure that out afterwards. That’s one thing I’ve learned after doing this for thirty years: Keep writing, keep doing it, but the process is the most important thing. Where it ends up or how you end up arranging it where it ends up where it ends up is just an afterthought.”

“They’re just words. If they’re political, if they’re antisocial or god knows what — if they were, then that’s not my problem. I just write them, and it’s up to the world to decide what they are. That’s my position.”