Behind the scenes

This is a an amazing glimpse behind the curtain at the Faith No More tour machine from Mix Online. It really is a must-read piece. Here’s a chocie cut from front-of-house engineer Michael Brennan:

“They are really enjoying the consistency and excitement of the shows and the positive reaction from the audience. I also think the band’s crew created a positive, professional environment for the band. There were many occasions when they were jamming at soundchecks. These jams develop into parts, and these parts turn into songs [that] end up on a record. They can’t help themselves.”

Angel Dust Pitchfork reviews

While none goes into the forensic expert detail that Ben afforded us, there are some great new Angel Dust features. Pitchfork have found a reviewer infinitely more conversant with Faith No More and music in general than their Sol Invictus reviewer to run the rule over the re-issues.

On The Real Thing which gets a 7.6 mark, Stuart Berman states:

“But while The Real Thing represents an important chapter in Faith No More’s history, there’s a reason why the album barely registers on the setlists of the band’s current tour: a lot of it is hard to extricate from its date of origin. And that’s a function of both its connection to a long-past funk-metal zeitgeist and the band’s own subsequent development. It’s hard to imagine any band, let alone Faith No More, attempting another song like “Epic” today, not just because of lingering associations between rap-rock and Rapestock, but the fact that the vocabularies of hip-hop and rock—once united by a shared affinity for booming breaks and crunchy riffs—have expanded and diverged in vastly different directions. “

And in a very insightful 8.8 review of Angel Dust that gets at the heart of the record’s enduring appeal, he says:

“What makes Angel Dust an eminently fascinating record is not the fact that a band on the cusp of greater success would deign to release an album with songs called “Crack Hitler” and “Jizzlobber” that were just as ugly and filthy as their titles suggest. It’s that Faith No More’s most wantonly subversive album is also their most gorgeously rendered.”

Angel Dust Loudwire interview

Loudwire runs a feature on the 23rd anniversary of that album which appears to feature fresh quotes from Bill Gould.

He says:

“We tried to make the music kind of perverted because we believed there was perversion in the art. We were looking for a little bit of push back, but we didn’t get any. I think sometimes when you’re really confident about something people don’t even challenge you.”

Midlife Crisis’ new middle bit

The best song from the band’s best album remains probably their best song live and it has been given yet another new smooth interlude in recent shows. FNM4ever as ever have excavated the story behind the new tune here.

The new snippet is ‘Strawberry Letter 23’ from The Brothers Johnson, which reached number 5 in the US singles charts in 1977.

Sunny Side Up on BBC 6 Music playlist

New Faith No More single/promo release Sunny Side Up has been added to the playlist of the UK’s leading and best music station BBC 6 Music.