Pro Sound awards

Well done to Faith No More’s front-of-house engineer Michael Brennan who has picked up a nomination for the Pro Sound Awards in the Engineer of the Year section.

Michael was recently featured in Mix Online and stated:

““We have a setup day with the crew before every leg but no band. Nicco and I both use Avid boards [S3L at FOH and Profile at monitors] so we are able to pick up from where we left off. The band are super tight and well rehearsed, so we are all good. We just hit the ground running every time, and the crew always delivers. There has to be a certain kind of chaos in the show. It suits the show.”

Chicagoist re-issues review

Another inevitably glowing review of the TRT and AD re-releases from Rhino. Chicagoist states:

“The thing that surprised us most after not hearing Angel Dust for quite a while is just how undated the album sounds. While The Real Thing stands up well, Angel Dust still sounds like it could come out today, or more probably tomorrow. There still isn’t anything quite like it (even in the band’s own catalog). If we were going to recommend any album in the band’s catalog as a starting point this would be the one.”

Pinkpop past and future

Faith No More return to the Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands on Friday for an early-evening show.

On point as ever, FNM4ever have recently uploaded the video from Faith No More’s show at the festival in 1995:

Tomorrow, FNM play at 1915 on the 3FM stage at the festival.

And it might well be live on 3FM radio. There is no TV coverage planned for Friday but there may be highlights shown on Saturday on NPO 3..