The Clash magazine interview with Roddy Bottum has finally been published and its an excellent read, with the Faith No More keyboardist in excellent form.

2015-06-30 18_14_57-Clash Magazine

He speaks about Billy Gould’s role in making Sol Invictus happen:

“He’s always taken the lead; he’s very go-get-em, very enterprising, push ahead, forge ahead kinda guy. The rest of us are a little slower. I mean, he produced, mixed and wrote a large part of what we’re releasing.”

About the music.making process:

“I think it’s like extremes. Extreme highs and extreme lows. Intensity and release. When we think about our music we think about it more in terms of that, as opposed to the confusing process but I think as a result it does confuse people.”

And he confirms what we thought about Motherfucker.

“Whereas before when we were making music, releasing music before there were always big companies involved, big record companies. That song is about the accountability of that. Who is accountable for what we do, for the release and presentation of what we do. And yeah, exactly at this point it’s only us – we started our own record company and we’re doing things strictly on our terms. The people who are accountable are the five of us and it’s a pretty good place to be.”

The magazine has also disinterred an old interview with Mike Patton from 2010 that was never published, written by friend of the site Ben Hopkins.

Here are some highlights:

“The only TV I watch is stuff from the Sixties. But I love Planet Earth. I’ve developed a real crush on David Attenborough. It’s hard to go to sleep without hearing his voice.”

“I’ve been on a French crime spree. Jean-Pierre Melville I’ve been really into lately; Le deuxième soufflé, Red Circle is amazing, Army of Shadows is incredible. Most of these have Lena Ventura in who was an amazing actor.”