The Faith No More interview machine is up and running again and Bill Gould has spoken to the Argentinean site Pagina12. The excellent interview features a number of interesting revelations.

Mike Patton says you got him drunk to convince him to record again. What’s to say?

What should I say? That I’m guilty? Mike does not need my help to get drunk, he can manage alone. Once we got together to chat, we went for drinks, and things went. We left for home, I showed something that I had been working on in my studio, and he loved it. It was Matador.

Who was the hardest to convince? You had already released “Matador” and Patton went on to say that recording was not an option …

Everyone says that Mike was the most difficult, not hooked as fast. Actually, I think we all wanted to record again but no one dared to speak…I remember reading Mike denying the possibility of the record, and thinking: “I do not know why he says, I have other plans” (laughs).