Mike Bordin was almost in Led Zeppelin

Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin almost became a touring member of Led Zeppelin in 1991. I hadn’t spotted this story before but Robert Plant had wanted to get Mike B in as drummer for a Led Zep reunion in the early 90s. The story appears in Mick Wall’s When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography Of Led Zeppelin:

In January 1991, their reputation freshly bolstered by the release three months before of the acclaimed, best-selling 4CD Remasters box set, Page, Plant and Jones were back together sitting around a table discussing the possibility of a money-spinning reunion, albeit on a strictly temporary basis. Much to his chagrin, Jason Bonham – who had played on Page’s Outsider as well as the Atlantic show – was excluded from these deliberations, with Plant now pushing for the more fashionable Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin to be offered the job. Once again, the plan started to unravel almost as soon as it was decided upon, with Plant getting cold feet when the others began to express reservations about using the young. dreadlocked FNM drummer. “What you’ve got to remember,” an insider told me, “is that Robert is used to having his own way now. He can’t bear to go back to the days when Jimmy and Jonesy made all the major decisions about the music.”

Bill Gould interview for HoyxHoy Chile

Bill Gould has given an interviewing to Chilean paper HoyxHoy looking ahead to the band’s Santiago Gets Louder appearance on 27 September.

Faith No More beer?

Officially licensed beers have led to even more money on tap for the likes of AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Now a Faith No More beer. I doubt that this is officially endorsed by the band and the name may not even reference the group but an Oregon brewery has produced a beer called Faith No More. The American Pale Ale is produced by micro-brewery Solera Brewery though there is no information on it on the brewery site.

Currently on tap at #solerabrewery. #beer #parkdale #oregonbeer

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Get Jimmy Kimmel tix

Faith No More will play a mini-concert for the Jimmy Kimmel show on Thursday, 3 September. Get you tickets here.

Matt Wallace on Sol Invictus

Matt Wallace has given another revealing interview to Gear Gods.
As always, Matt provides some interesting insights and this is my favourite part:

Bill is the engine that has pushed forward to create the impetus and the ‘space’ for the rest of FNM to find their own, natural and organic connection and contribution in the process. After that Mike Patton became more of the driving force/director of the process to ensure that his vision as to how his voice fit within the musical soundfield created by the band. All in all, it was an intense but very well thought-out process.