Nevermen‘s long-awaited eponymous debut is released worldwide today. After a first listen, I can confirm that the record has the fingerprints of Mike Pattton all over it. And the album is picking up mostly positive reviews.

Rolling Stone:
Heroes of alt-metal, art-rock and underground rap team up for a thrillingly dense debut

The Skinny:
The results are a timeless, genre-smashing work with a psychedelic soul. Inevitably, fans of any constituent member will find vivid snatches of past guises strewn across the debut’s ten tracks, but the collective whole works toward something more, determined to dart off into the unknown at every labyrinthine lyrical turn.

Consequence of Sound:
Fortunately, Patton shaped these sessions, granting Nevermen a coherence and structure. It’s never as powerful an album as the members of Nevermen have proven capable of creating separate from this band, and at times their voices clash at incongruous angles — but, those moments of frisson make the experiment worthwhile. When all three voices join together with the precision of a diamond laser-cutter, they’re an unparalleled force.

Under the Radar
So many jerks of the steering wheel may not be for the faint of heart, but the trio coheres remarkably well, and the blizzard of ideas works like regular blasts of fresh oxygen or caffeine. Or both.

Irish Times
Nevermen provides fascinating insights into where the threesome’s collective heads are at when freed from their other duties.


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