The always au courant French Faith No More Community has came up trumps again with an excellent interview with Faith No More’s resident gallophile Bill Gould.

Read the full interview in English here.

French fans are lucky, FNM played three times in our country since the reunion. But unlike the 1995 and 1997 tours, when you only played headlining and outdoor shows in France, you mainly played festivals. Actually, since 2009, 80% of your European shows took place in festivals. Was an headlining European tour a consideration ? Could it be possible in the future ?
BILLY : Yes, it was always a consideration. This was very difficult for me personally, not an easy decision. The fact is that we all made a conscious choice together to try to limit our tours to 3-4 weeks each…there was always the option to do more, but looking back on how much we toured in the past, and the destructive effect it had on us, we had to make practical decisions. I would love to think we could do a headlining European tour in the future, because fans definitely deserve it, but also because these shows tend to be much more fun.

Bravo Stevens et Antoine (et Nessie et Bertrand)