We admit we’re late on all this. I’ve been working at EURO 2016 flat out for the past month but have just made my Frexit and here’s a brief round-up of Bill’s other interviews at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards.

Great interview and great pic with a Guinness over on Eonline

Interview highlights:

You’re on down time now. Is that a prolonged bout?
I couldn’t tell you, because if I told you then the band members would be mad at me for telling you without telling you properly.

2015’s ‘Sol Invictus’ was a fantastic comeback for the band.
Well, we were happy when we released it, so everything that came after that we’re kind of grateful for. We’re just happy that we got it together to make some music.

So you’ve been involved completely in the production of the reissue?
Absolutely. The one that was out, it was digitised from the vinyl back in the nineties or eighties, and we actually went into the studio in Berkeley and re-baked the tapes and re-digitised the masters and remastered them, so they sound more like they should sound.


Finally, FNM are on a break right now, but it’s not over, is it?
Not that I know. Nobody told me! I didn’t get the memo! *laughing*.

Bill also spoke to Red Carpet News TV