Bill Gould and the rest of Faith No More have been busy promoting the re-release of We Care a Lot – and the 1985 opus is finally getting the attention it deserves as a result.

Team Rock/Classic Rock have out together one of their trademark making of features for WCAL and it is a great read with new information for even the most avid Faith No More fan.

2016-06-30 14_33_35-Features - TeamRock - Opera

Here are some standout quotes:

“We didn’t really fit in anywhere,” says Gould, laughing. “When we started, our closest peers were a band called Glorious Din: we’d rent halls and put on shows together, because getting onto the established club circuit was tough. [Legendary SF promoter] Bill Graham still ran the local scene, and was pretty hardcore about shutting down punk clubs, even though that scene represented no threat to his world. It was hard for us to find our place initially: we were invisible in the media, and if we played to 40 people that was a good crowd for us. But, oddly, perhaps, we never doubted ourselves, we were very self-confident about what we had, always. We’d made eight track demos with our friend Matt Wallace, and sent them to all the clubs but nothing came back, so we were like ‘Well, there’s nothing wrong with the songs, so they probably just don’t like it because it doesn’t sound good enough.’ So that’s when we pooled our money to make a 24 track recording.”

“When I think back on that time, my initial memory is how exciting things were,” Gould adds, “but if I think about it really, it was a complete slog! We were broke, and just trying to survive, with this really weird music that we were so stubborn about sticking to.