We’ve been a little “off the grid” Faith No More-wise (call it post-EURO Frexit recovery) so here’s a belated round-up of news on the only band-endorsed re-release that is happeningm the deluxe band edition of We Care a Lot which is released on 19 August.

1/ Pre-order

WE CARE A LOT – DELUXE BAND EDITION”  release date is August 19,  now available now for pre-order:

2/ Reviews

The Faith No More French Community have already collated some early francophone reviews of the re-release

Here’s Olivier Drago in New Noise

Get the latest New Noise here

And Mark Renton in My Rock Magazine( N°41 – Juillet/Août 2016)

3/ Merchandise

The band have put together a seriously tempting range of WCAL paackages for all tastes:
Get some here

4/ Launch party

Again via Faith No More French Community, a launch party for French fans and friends will take place on 18 August at Planète Mars (44 rue de la Folie Mericourt Paris 11) with prizes chosen by the band to be won.