Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley appears as vocalist on You’ll Never Make The Six, the new release from Cleveland’s Indoria.

The official release for the band’s fourth album is 30 August but you can sample a selection of tunes below. The album features an expanded role for Mosley, who joined the band late in the recording process of their previous release.

Pre-oder the album here

Indoria are: Chuck Mosley-vocals, guitar
Douglas Esper-vocals, percussion
Michele Esper-vocals
Adam Probert-bass
Donald Spak-guitar

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Doug (vocalist, percussionist, manager, writer) spoke to Jim from FNM Followers yesterday about the record and Chuck’s US and European tour.
Check out the full article for a great read but here is a choice cut on the Indoria record we’ve purloined:

The new Indoria album ‘You’ll Never Make The Six’ is due for release in the UK in September through InfiniteHive. Chuck has a role on every track. What can we expect to hear?

So, three years ago we released the disc, There’s A Gleam. Chuck came in to do guest vocals on a song and we realized that he and my wife (Michele, vocalist for Indoria) sound awesome together. Adam Probert (bass, engineer, founder of Indoria) and I pitched him an idea the next year about doing a one-off studio project focused on mellower/acoustic tunes that he and she would sing. He agreed. We started writing and demoing stuff in late 2014-ish. By mid 2015 we had several songs “ready” to record.
Now, Chuck lives life on his own terms, at his own pace, on his schedule. So we sat and waited a while, but ultimately the itch to make more music won over and thus Indoria started working on new material. When Chuck became available the songs had all sort of blurred together, so we decided to just put it out under the Indoria moniker. I sing a couple, Chuck sings a couple, and my wife sings a couple and then we each do background and smaller parts on each other’s tunes.
In April of 2016 Chuck and I started practicing for his acoustic tour. During one of those practices he started noodling around with a song he had played at a coffee shop a few times doing solo shows. Not knowing what it was, I started slapping the conga (not a euphemism). Chuck asked me to keep the beat and we played it several times that day and we’ve performed it at every acoustic show thus far. We did a break-neck paced recording of the song and added some extra instrumentation by Donald Spak on sort of a lead guitar part and Chuck doing a few “noise” guitar parts. We added it onto the Indoria disc, though it really is a Chuck Mosley tune with a little of our flavor added.
Outside of that, the disc has six new songs that range from 80’s British synth rock minus the synth, folk, rock, pop, and even a lullaby. My five-year-old son provides guest vocals on one of the tunes, which means a lot to me as the song is about missing family while out on the road. There is a remix of the first song we did with Chuck on the American version of the disc, but we are cooking up an exclusive UK edition through InfiniteHive which will have more bonus tracks, remixes by some people you’ll recognize, and possibly a live version of Bella Donna the new song we’ve been playing on Chuck’s acoustic tour. That is, if you guys would want that? Hell, the photos by Jay Byrd that we used for the booklet are stunning enough, the music is just a bonus really.