Faith No More will be one contestant’s specialist subject on the iconic BBC quiz show Mastermind, to be broadcast on Friday night, 12 August on BBC Two at 19.30 UK time.

Mastermind has been broadcast by the BBC since 1972 and features four contestants. Each chooses a specialist subject and has to answer as many questions on it  in the space of one minutes while perched on the show’s famous black leather chair while under a harsh spotlight. The contestants then face a further round of general knowledge questions.

The episode will be available to watch on demand on BBC’s iPlayer here (UK only)

We’ve no idea what the questions will be but expect some on Passes to Passes, I Started A Joke So I’ll Finish and Falling to Passes

Here is a previous episode featuring questions on Metallica

Here is the late, great comedy duo The Two Ronnies sending up the series

And here is Faith No More’s own Mike Bordin on the somewhat less highbrow Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Hat-tip Jim and Faith No More Followers