In the run-up to the 19 August release of the deluxe band issue of We Care a Lot, Faith No More have out the re-tooled title track out via The Wall Street Journal.

Speaking about the new version, Bill Gould told WSJ:

Gould says he asked original producer Matt Wallace to take another crack at mixing the various individual tracks that comprise “We Care a Lot” and a couple other songs on the deluxe re-release. While the new mix of “We Care a Lot” has a few changes, including a different arrangement, Gould thinks it doesn’t sound all that different from the album version.

“That kind of surprised me,” he says. “Thirty years of technology and experience, and here we are, still at kind of the same place.”

And Bill also hinted at future collaboration with WCAL vocalist Chuck Mosley:

“Right now, we’re on pretty good terms,” Gould says. “I can see us doing something creatively together.”

WE CARE A LOT – DELUXE BAND EDITION”  release date is August 19,  now available now for pre-order:

You can also listen here