The music world is still stunned with shock and sadness at the passing of Soundgarden and Audioslave and all-round rock god and rock legend Chris Cornell.

Faith No More and Soundgarden followed parallel and often criss-crossing paths from the Seattle band’s earliest shows – sometimes literally sharing a stage – right up until 2014 in Hyde Park.

Therefore it was no great surprise that FNM paid heartfelt tribute to Chris today:

“Chris Cornell was a Great Singer and Songwriter, and an old, dear Friend of Everyone in This Band.

His sudden passing is beyond comprehension right now.

Our heartfelt condolences and best wishes to His Children, Loved Ones, and Musical Partners.

May He R.I.P.”

Mike Patton also paid tribute:

“Very sad news about Chris Cornell. Did a lot of roadwork with him and Soundgarden. He was a very nice guy. My sympathies to his family, the Soundgarden family and his friends. May he rest in peace.”

The connection between the bands was so strong that Chris was even considered as a potential vocalist for Faith No More after they parted company with Chuck Mosley. Greg Prato explained in Classic Rock:

“Eventually, the search for a singer began and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell’s name came up.

“Soundgarden opened up for us a few times in Seattle,” remembers Gould. “We were friends with them. I think one day, Mike and I went to Chris’s house to jam, but I don’t think that we had a musical connection.”

And Soundgarden took the chance to show their appreciation to FNM in Prato’s Faith No More and Mr Bungle Companion:

“This was weird”- our first gigs with Faith No More, we opened for them, our next gigs with Faith No More they opened for us, and then our next gigs with Faith No More, we’re opening for them again. That was before ‘Superunknown’ blew up [in 1994], so it might have turned all around again! We’ve toured with Faith No More probably more than anybody.” – Kim Thayil

“That’s when Faith No More was at their full mighty power, and they were just incredible. Oh my God. They were just one of the most stunning bands I’ve ever seen in my life.” – Matt Cameron