The Quietus and the Irish Independent both gave Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More feature reviews last Saturday.

The book was selected as Pick of the Week by the Irish Independent. Their review stated that “this detailed study of their life and times felt like the opening of a brand new musical world”.

The article adds: “There’s plenty for Faith No More devotees and newcomers to get their teeth into. And as with any good music book, you find yourself wanting to discover more about a band whose music has largely defied categorisation.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy Allen in The Quietus, arguably the best music and culture website in the world, said that “Harte has a beautiful turn of phrase, and he’s not afraid to throw in a bit of Hericlitian analysis or namedrop Adorno without sounding too much like a bellend. The text kicks in with a neat coffee metaphor and ends on some tantalising possibilities, and in between there’s pretty much everything you could ever possibly hope to know about Faith No More within its pages.”

The review also states: “Beautifully captures the bellicosity, the vitality, the surreptitious virtuosity and the inveterate internal hostility that permeated Faith No More.”

Meanwhile, Douglas Esper in the Domain Cleveland said: “Adrian Harte has given us the best glimpse of the true band, zits and all” and called the book “the inside look at one of the most interesting rock bands ever.”

Christopher Owens in the Pensive Quill said: “What Harte does brilliantly is convey just what misfits the band were in their own scenes.”

Leading French rock writer Christophe Darras called the book “the bio of the year” in his extensive review. He wrote: “Small Victories, no doubt the result of meticulous and titanic work, is as gripping as a novel and reads like a thriller.”