Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More has featured in a number of early best-of lists for 2018.

The Herald – the longest running national newspaper in the world and the most-read national newspaper in Scotland – included Small Victories in its list of the best music books of 2018.

Teddy Jamieson wrote:

Adrian Harte’s account of the alt-rock stroke rap band Faith No More, Small Victories, is clearly a labour of love. His account of the band’s story is exhaustive, informed and studded with first-person testimonies.

The Herald

Music blog Midlife Mixtape also include Small Victories in their best music books round-up, saying:

This definitive bio by Adrian Harte fills in all the gaps about this post punk rock band that is the only musical search result when you search the term “midlife crisis.” My favorite is the blurb on the back from band member Bill Gould: “It provided me with more than a few revelations…and I’m in the band.”

Midlife Mixtape

France’s leading rock and metal magazine Rock Hard ranked Small Victories as one of its top 10 gifts for metal fans. They said:

It avoids a major stumbling block by not deifying a group whose human relationships were as complex as its music. His gaze is that of a rational fan and it will not fail to seduce fans of the San Francisco combo.

Rock Hard France