112, 2011

On this day in Faith No More history: 1 December

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Faith No More play Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Probably one of the most widely heard Faith No More performances as it was recorded for BBC Radio’s High Voltage programme and is very freely available to download on t’internetDespite The gig coming not long before the breakup, the band are on top form, tight and edgy. Here is a good fan review to get a feel of the show and I quite this observation which probably still holds true: “Music needs Faith No More probably more than the individual members need Faith No More.”

[audio:http://newfaithnomore.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/05-Naked-In-Front-Of-The-Computer.mp3|titles=Naked In Front Of The Computer]

Midnight Cowboy
Midlife Crisis
Naked In Front Of The Computer
Ashes To Ashes
Ugly In The Morning
Last Cup Of Sorrow
Be Aggressive
King For A Day
Get Out

Faith No More play Glasgow’s Barrowlands

The band played the first of four consecutive nights at the famous Scottish venue. Not much other info exists about the gig online so feel free to add any details you have.

Faith No More play Saturday Night Live

The show was presented by John Goodman and Faith No More played Epic and From Out of Nowhere.

FAITH NO MORE – From Out of Nowhere (live on Saturday Night Live

dreamcure | Myspace Video

2711, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike Bordin

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The one and only Mike Bordin turns 49 today (27 November) – many happy returns Puffy.

Here is a slightly reheated tribute to the great man.

Bonus videos
Who Wants to be a Millionaire

With Down in Chile
On his own – making the video with Ozzy
On Colombian TV
With his good friend Jerry Cantrell

The man who belied that drummer hanging out with musicians gag and the man who makes FNM tick, the one and only Mike “Puffy” Bordin celebrates (or at least we do on his behalf) his 47th birthday today. Puff was an original member of the band and his distinctive drumming set the tone for the group right from the off. His soul may have been metal but the Ganeshian drummer had and has the skill and mind set to drive FNM in any direction.

As Mike P would chastise, Mike is also, of course, Ozzy’s drummer, recognition that we is feted by his peers as one of the greatest metal percussionists of all time.

Mike in video:

Mike burps (feckin’ amazing vid; possibly the best FNM YouTube I’ve ever seen)

Where’s the Puff?

Mike Puffy B masterclasss

Puffy being a leg-end

Mike for Ozzy fans

Puffy in Brazil

The two Mikes

Mike joins Korn

Puffy facts (not all are true)

  • A left-handed drummer who plays right-handed kit
  • Along with Billy, was an original member of FNM precursors Faith No Man
  • Made dreads cool again for white guys
  • First dreadhead to live long enough to show that dreads look cooler in silver
  • Competed in Who Wants to be a Millionaire
  • Taught the Little Drummer Boy how to play
2611, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 115)

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  • Today we passed over a million views of the site since its relaunch in February 2010. Thanks for your continued support
  • A site we have somehow scandalously overlooked before. The ridiculously detailed Faith No More Discography. Go and immerse yourself.
  • Cute kid sings From out of Nowhere – heart-warming stuff
  • As you may know, I  – and a few commenters here – are obsessed with any info we can glean about FNM’s 1992 Slane Castle gig in Ireland. I stumbled upon Roddy and Mike P briefly mentioning the gig in an MTV interview from Prague a few weeks later. Quite a revealing interview about the Angel Dust album too on top of that. Oh, and the live footage of Midlife Crisis is pretty spectacular too.
  • Another FNM mash-up. This time featuring Beck and Pendulum.
    Faith No More/Beck/Pendulum – Epic Loser – mix by Le Freak Selector
  • More Patton remixes here
  • 4 years on, why?
  • Interview with Roddy and Mike P on Aussie TV from 1997. Some great answers and almost idiot savant questions.



1811, 2011

Paula Frazer and Faith No More early live track

November 18th, 2011|Uncategorized|22 Comments

The Holy Filament have outdone themselves again with their upload of the so-called “Roddy demos” from 1984. One such track, the oft-reported but never before publicly-available recording with one of the band’s first vocalists Paula Frazer actually dates from earlier. It is a recording of a live performance from the On Broadway in San Francisco in 1983.

More on Paula Frazer
AllMusic bio
SF Gate article

1511, 2011

The new/unknown/mystery song video, lyrics and theories

November 15th, 2011|Uncategorized|98 Comments

So we’re going to revisit the new/mysterious/unknown song again, along with estimated lyrics.
Here is the latest and best video version (via theholyfilament/SWU Festival)


When lonesome came over me
A future shadow
Her ghost stood there, sang to me
Farewell, so long

I’ll awake you
From this living sleep
We’ll walk the shore
Where you were born
And bedded me

Although I cheat for the things
March forward, my son
A battle beyond frozen hills
Only for doubters

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

The stained glass
A bovine ass
Can see right through
Every truth-soaked lie

Letters will trace every step
Out of this world
With every date, every date

We will be where you will be no more
No more

The stained glass
Or the hangman’s ass
Would serve you well
Now we’re comin’ back

Out of the words
Of these ghosts
We’ll jump the gates
And left to rise, we will rise

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

And the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
What more can we give?

May the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
The dead live…

(Thanks to maythedeadlive /orinar in Comments for deciphering most of these. I’ve added my own interpretation and lyrics in italics are the ones which I’m less sure of)

There are three schools of thought on this.

  1. It is a brand new song. The evidence here is that no one, even among the diehard audio collector element of FNM’s fanbase, has heard it before. In addition, the band has previously mentioned – not least in their fan interview with FNM French Community (on facebook), stubbadub.com and ourselves last year – that they have little in the way of unreleased or unfinished tracks.
  2. It is an unreleased b-side from the King for a Day…era. The evidence here is the quote taken from Mike Patton’s interview with movieweb earlier this month: “We are doing a tune we’ve never done from that era. I guess that would be a B Side. I don’t know if we released that at all…I don’t know.”
    The counterargument to this is that the B-side in question is Absolute Zero, which the band played in Chile. And if it is from the KFAD era, why did then guitarist Trey Spruance not play on the track in Chile when he was on hand to play the full KFAD album. Kik Axe music editor James Zahn was among those to pick up on this.
  3. It is a song from a local band that the band and liked and translated the lyrics for and performed. Could be true but then why has no one noticed the familiar music and the only evidence so far are a few speculative blog comments and tweets.
1311, 2011

Faith No More at Maquinaria Festival set list and videos

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As promised Faith No More mixed it up with their set at the Maquinaria Festival in Chile, playing their King for a Day…album and with Trey Spruance – the guitarist on that record – playing live with the band for the first time. Regular axeman Jon Hudson also joined for several songs including another rendition of The Mystery Song.

Mystery Song

Absolute Zero

Just a Man


Get Out
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Star AD
Cuckoo for Caca
Caralho Valdor
Ugly In The Morning
Digging The Grave
Take This Bottle
King For A Day
What a Day
The Last To Know
Just A Man

Unknown song
Ashes To Ashes
Absolute Zero

From El Dinamo (do not click if offended by the naked female upper body)
A few more from Viax

Review from Emol.

Meanwhile Mike Patton met Chilean writer Alberto Fuguet at the Nicanor Parra del Centro de Extensión de la Universidad Diego Portales before the show and spoke about his own experiences as a student – “I do not believe in college” “In a small town art is the only way out.” Full report here.


1211, 2011

Watch Faith No More live at the Maquinaria festival in Chile

November 12th, 2011|Uncategorized|94 Comments

Faith No More’s set at the Maquinaria Festival in Chile will be broadcast live at the Claro site.

FNM are on stage in around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

1011, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 108)

November 10th, 2011|Links for a day, Uncategorized|3 Comments

  • Rolling Stone review of Buenos Aires show: “The 6,000 spectators who packed the Malvinas Argentinas were happy. And the dream of a new album and a new show is floating in the air.”
  • They also have a nice gallery from the show:
  • Epic mash-up number 147 – this time with Katy Perry’s ET. I have to admit I quite like this one.
    Looking forward to the inevitable Lana Del Ray Epic mash-up in around 3 weeks.
  • Sad news that the previously peerless Patton Archivo has ceased blogging. It was a wonderful source of news on all things Patton and Faith No More and will be sorely missed. best of look Pogo on your future endeavours.
  • Faith No More tribute act A Small Victory are on the look out for a keyboard player in the New York City area so if you fancy unleashing your inner Roddy, check out their Facebook page.


811, 2011

Faith No More live in Argentina

November 8th, 2011|Uncategorized|21 Comments

Watch FNM in Buenos Aires:

2610, 2011

Faith No More sustainability message for SWU Festival

October 26th, 2011|Uncategorized|27 Comments

Faith No More have recorded a sustainability video message ahead of their appearance at the SWU Festival in Brazil.

Here’s more info on SWU and sustainability.

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